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Thermal Paste Round-up: 85 Products Tested

I was wondering what what are some of the best thermal pads for graphic card rams I can buy? I'm supposed to place them between the heatsink and the exposed ram on the graphics card right? Should I ever apply grease or thermal paste instead?

What about copper heatsinks? I guess those would not be allowed if the heatsink gets in the way right? Re: Best thermal pads for graphic card ram? If you are applying grease or thermal paste, it would be with the thermal pads as well, not by itself.

There are. Or can I just use thermal pads alone? Yes, Fujipoly are consider one of the "best" out there but their supposed performance doesn't really justify their cost. If you are looking for cheap thermal pads with around You can apply thermal paste on the thermal pads themselves but its kind of messy and not necessary at all.

I would only replace thermal pads when they are damaged. The Crunchinator. Highly Not Recommend. Never use Thermal Paste on Thermal Pads. Some of them Prices are really far out their as well for some. New Member. If you would like to give a try the following tutorial will be very helpful.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

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Share Pin Email. Read on for our picks of the best heat protectants to safeguard your hair from heat damage. Buy on Sephora Buy on Nordstrom.Since it's so hot outside at least in our U. In case you're wondering, toothpaste and denture cream aren't counted in our final tally of 85 contenders. Then again, you might surprised at what dental products can do on a CPU! Because thermal paste is a high-margin product, the market is crowded. While the exact composition of most solutions is a well-kept secret, a Google search makes it pretty easy to get a list of typical ingredients.

The composition of a paste determines its thermal conductivity, its electrical conductivity, its viscosity, and its durability.

But what is a paste really made of? Basic compounds consist of zinc oxide and silicone as a binding agent. However, such simple combinations are barely sold anymore. Most vendors start with these ingredients and add other materials, like aluminum. Some ingredient lists are more mysterious. For instance, the one printed on be quiet!

Some pastes, like Arctic Silver 5, even contain silver. It foregoes the silicone and claims very high thermal conductivity There are also pastes that employ carbon nanoparticles, though they're not suitable for most enthusiasts due to their electrical conductivity and price. The number of copper-based pastes on the market has shrunk, but if you search, you can still find a few. Silicone is a cheap binder, but it tends to spread. So manufacturers try to constrain this undesirable property or to dispense with silicone altogether in their products.

This also applies to so-called "oiling," where the paste virtually dissolves into its base components and the silicone simply oozes away. There are only a few actual thermal paste manufacturers.

Third parties often adapt these bases to create new products with different consistency and color. As a result, many pastes end up almost identical, though they do differ significantly in price. You may not know this, but thermal paste has a shelf life. Manufacturers usually specify up to three years for unopened packages, but they often forget to tell you when your tube was produced.While this is completely normal, it also requires a bit more monitoring and tinkering to maintain safely than a more basic, simple system.


Fortunately, the solution is affordable, simple, and easy to take care of on your own; you just need to find the best thermal paste for your PC setup. Modern PCs require the use of a thermal paste of one sort or another, plain and simple. Heat is an unavoidable byproduct of electronic operations; particularly in complex electronics such as an advanced PC.

As technology advances, the use of more and more complex internal PC parts has been necessary to efficiently run our increasingly complicated tech. As the electrical input runs along wires, circuits, etc. This friction is how the byproduct of heat is produced. You can avoid overheating by using a combination of an efficient CPU coolercase fansand the best thermal compound.

When you buy a new computer, the heat sink and CPU already have the appropriate layer of thermal paste; or compound; laid between the surfaces. Clean the surfaces that are already tacked completely and then reapply the best thermal paste for your PC project needs. This will take care of any existing overheating problems that were related to the thermal paste as well. If you continue to have overheating problems after replacing your thermal compound you should clean your fans, case, etc.

Largely because opinion varies so widely on which ones are best, which ones are rubbish, or whether there is any difference at all between different types of paste. The main division of opinion is based around whether or not using filler compounds that are simultaneously conductive and capacitive such as silver is preferable to using lower thermally conductive fillers such as zinc oxide.

The main concern here is that materials like silver can cause A LOT of damage if it comes into contact with your circuits. This thermal compound is Check Prices. This durability is a huge selling point for PC users who frequently move their computer around or open up their case. Noctua is notorious for making quality products, from their fans to their CPU cooling systems. Their thermal paste is no exception. They use a unique combination of different micro particles in their filler in order to provide some of the best heat sinking possible.

Noctua NT-H1 is yet another thermal paste that withstands the tests of time and use. It is estimated to be at max effectiveness for cooling your PC for up to 3 years. It has great ratings overall, and works very effectively. The filler does include Diamond powder; which is considered a high quality conductor. It has low phonon scatter and high covalent bonding. Thermaltake really outdid themselves with the TG-7 Extreme Performance. The diamond powder filler included in the compound provides dramatically improved thermal conductivity in comparison to their other products.

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best thermal reddit

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best thermal reddit

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Thermal Paste is a substance or compound that is applied to the heat sink or processor that acts as an interface between them for better transfer of heat from the processor to the heat sink, which in turn helps in reducing the temperature of your processor.

The main purpose of thermal paste is to fill the gaps that are left behind when you install the heatsink on to the CPU or GPU. These gaps cause inefficient and improper heat transfer from the processor to the heat sink because air is a bad conductor of heat.

best thermal reddit

A thermal paste is made up of filler material suspended in a polymerizable liquid matrix or suspension fluid. The filler is a compound or material with a high thermal conductivity that helps in the majority of heat transfer.

Higher the thermal conductivity of a thermal paste, the better is its performance. Metals are on the top in terms of thermal conductivity but they are electrical conductive too which is a bit of a downside of metal-based thermal compounds.

This is because electrically conductive thermal paste may damage your processor, motherboard or other components by causing a short-circuit if it comes in contact with their pins or exposed circuitry. Also, you should get the best available thermal paste if you are into overclocking.

Almost all the heat sink or coolers come with pre-applied thermal paste but many times it is not of good quality and you must always buy and apply a good thermal paste before installing any heatsink cooler. Thermal paste is also known as a thermal compound, thermal interface material TIMthermal grease, heatsink paste, heat sink compound, heat sink grease.

Let us now look at the different types of thermal paste based on their physical appearance, thermal conductivity, and performance. Here are the various types of thermal compounds or thermal pastes that you can find in the market. They have good performance and are relatively cheaper than the Metal and Carbon-based thermal compounds. These thermal compounds are electrically non-conductive and are white or gray in appearance.

The quality and performance of the ceramic or silicone-based thermal paste depends on the type of metal oxide used along with other particles. Thermal conductivity of these heat sink compounds is pretty good and they are the top choice for anyone on a budget. Pure Silicone thermal pastes are the worst of all and should be avoided at any cost. Metal based — When it comes to performance then nothing can beat metal-based thermal paste. These heatsink compounds use metal particles as a filler and have much higher thermal conductivity.

The most commonly used metal particles include Silver and sometimes aluminum. These thermal pastes are quite expensive and are used in high-performance gaming PCs and for overclocking purposes. They are generally grayish or silver in color. Metal based thermal paste is also the top choice for application in delidding a CPU for replacing the stock thermal paste with a better one.

Liquid metal thermal pastes are quite expensive and most of the time they contain Gallium which should not be used on an Aluminum heatsink or aluminum IHS Integrated Heat Spreader.

Also, the metal-based thermal paste should be avoided for sub-zero overclocking that involves liquid nitrogen for cooling down the CPU at negative temperatures before the overclock. The main disadvantage of metal-based thermal compounds is that they are electrically conductive and capacitive, and you have to use them carefully on the CPU or GPU otherwise they can cause short-circuit and damage your components.

best thermal reddit

These thermal paste have a cure time of around hours which is a bit of let down too. Carbon based — Carbon-based thermal paste comes close to the performance of the metal-based thermal paste. They have high thermal conductivity, close to metal-based ones are also quite expensive compared to ceramic or silicone-based thermal grease.

They are generally grayish in appearance and are electrically non-conductive and non-capacitive.

Best thermal pads for graphic card ram?

Hybrid Thermal Paste — Hybrid thermal paste contains a mixture of different particles to form a single thermal paste. For example, a hybrid thermal compound may contain mixture of metal particles with metal oxides or some other particles that are not disclosed by the manufacturer itself.

These thermal pastes offer very good performance with almost no curing time, and they are generally grayish in appearance. They can be expensive and are used for overclocking and by enthusiasts. There are various to apply thermal paste on the CPU or heatsink. After this the thermal paste gets evenly spread on the processor with the pressure and temperature.Please keep in mind that we are here to help you build a computer, not to build it for you.

Build Upgrade What is the best thermal paste for this combo?

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What is the best thermal paste for k with Noctua NH-D15? Thank you. Literally anything with a recognizeable name brand. Thermal paste basically all performs within margin of error of each other. I mean, the best would be something like liquid metal, but it's probably overkill and more risk than it's worth imo. I though it was more for direct die contact, while something like conductanaut is for typical IHS application. I thought it was just generally considered as not worth it cause you are limited by the IHS anyways.

That said, I have never actually used a conductive paste, so I don't have personal experience with it. Beside the obvious dangers from electrical conductivity, liquid metal will also eat and dissolve aluminum over time. Tons of CPU coolers use an aluminum base of some sort with copper heatpipes running through it, not all, but enough it's a serious issue.

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